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Smart Fortwo Starters

If youre going to enjoy a drive in your Smart Fortwo, your first step is to get your vehicle started. Without a properly functioning starter, though, the only thing your Fortwo will be good at is looking nice. Getting your starter repaired quickly will allow you to enjoy all the fun of driving a Smart car wherever you want to roam.

What are the features of a Smart Fortwo starter?

To get you where you need to be, your Smart Fortwo is equipped with a heavy-duty starter to ensure its always ready to go.

  • Compact: Since space is at a premium in your Fortwos engine compartment, the starter is engineered to fit into a tight space. This ensures theres plenty of room for the other engine accessories and components.
  • Durable: The cars starter is made from high-quality materials and components to ensure it works great no matter how many times youve turned the key.
  • High-quality: Low-friction gears and precision engineering allow the starter to work well, even in extreme temperatures and in exceptional driving conditions.
  • Easy to replace: The Fortwos starter is fairly easy to access to repair or replace.
Who manufactures starters for a Smart Fortwo?

When it comes to starters for your Smart Fortwo vehicle, there is a robust aftermarket selection to choose from. Many different manufacturers produce starters for your Fortwo. If you prefer an Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, model for Smart, there are plenty of those to choose from, as well.

Whichever you choose for your standard Smart Fortwo car or one with electric drive, it is imperative that you choose a starter that matches your Smart Fortwos model year. This is crucial not only because of size constraints, but also because an over- or under-sized starter could damage your Smarts motor.

How do you replace a starter on a Smart Fortwo coupe?
  • Remove the A/C pipes and coolant pipe that are over the location of the starter by removing the bolts holding them in place.
  • Disconnect the temperature sensors and other electrical connections on the A/C pipes.
  • Remove the bolts holding the Smarts starter in place and disconnect its wiring harnesses.
  • Install the new starter by reconnecting the wiring harnesses and then carefully putting the parts back in place. Then, reattach the bolts that hold it in place.
  • Finally, reconnect the coolant pipe to the motor and reconnect the temperature sensors to the A/C pipes. After that, reattach the Smarts A/C pipes. Check for proper operation of the Smarts A/C, starter motor, and coolant hose.