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Starters for Scion xB

The Scion xB was a compact car made by Toyota from 2003 to 2015. Finding the correct replacement parts is important to keeping your xB running smoothly. If your xB needs a new starter, you can find one within the selection of xB-compatible starters and starter parts.

How do you know when a starter needs to be replaced?

The warning signs that the starter in your Scion xB may need to be replaced are very similar to the signs you would see in other cars. Starter problems in most cars can be caused by starter motor failure, worn out drive gears, electrical problems, soaking due to oil leaks, or solenoid problems. When your Scion runs into starter issues like these, the following warning signs may be observed:

  • Grinding sounds: If you hear a grinding sound when trying to start your Scion, it could indicate problems with the starter’s gears. If the starter is left without a repair, it will eventually stop functioning completely, and the engine will not start.
  • Whining sounds: Another troublesome sound when starting your Scion is a whining or whirring sound. This could also indicate a gear problem or issue with the starter motor that will eventually lead to the starter in your vehicle failing.
  • Smoking: If you see smoke coming from your Scion’s engine when trying to start it, this could be a sign of an electrical problem or solenoid issue. For safety purposes, avoid starting the Scion again until the cause of the smoke has been determined
  • Unable to start: If your starter has failed completely, you will be unable to start your Scion xB. If electrical issues are not the problem, a new starter will be needed.
How do you replace the starter in the Scion xB?

Replacing the starter in a Scion xB is a fairly simple process that is similar to other vehicles. You will need a few basic tools to remove the bolts and install the new starter in your vehicle. Take the following steps to replace your xB’s starter:

  1. Raise your Scion up using a jack or ramps so that you can access the undercarriage of the vehicle easily.
  2. Unbolt and remove the plastic cover from the xB’s engine compartment. For most model years, you can use a 12-millimeter socket to remove the bolts.
  3. Locate the starter at the right front of the Scion’s transmission.
  4. Remove the mounting bolts from the starter. For most model years, you will find two 14mm bolts holding the starter in place.
  5. Disconnect the xB’s starter wires. For most model years, there is a clip holding the solenoid wire and a 12mm bolt affixing the other wires.
  6. Reverse the steps above to install the new starter in your Scion xB.
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