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Your Guide to Selecting Sony Camera Memory Sticks

In 1998, Sony introduced the Memory Stick, a flash memory card that holds up to 128MB. Over the years, the card was revised to two formats: the Memory Stick Pro and the Memory Stick Micro. In 2010, Sony began to support the SD memory card format but continues to support the stick on some of their devices, such as their cameras and media players.

What memory stick formats does Sony use?

In the 2000s, Sony sold its memory cards in various formats and licensed its use to other companies. The formats were used on devices like cameras and media players, and they include the following:

  • Memory Stick, Memory Stick Select, and Memory Stick PRO
  • Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, and Memory Stick PRO HD Duo
  • Memory Stick Micro or M2
  • Memory Stick XC
  • Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX
What other companies use the Sony memory card format?

In 1999, Sony licensed the following companies to use its memory card technology: Kenwood, Pioneer, Sanyo, Sharp, Aiwa, and Fujitsu. The technology was also used in products by third parties, including Alpine in-dash players, Epson printers, and Sharp MP3 players.

What products used the Sony Memory Stick?

The Sony Memory Stick was used mostly for storage on cameras and other portable devices, and it has the advantage of being easily accessed by personal computers. Hardware to read the cards is included in Sony digital devices, such as cameras, music players, cell phones, PDAs, PlayStation Portable, and the VAIO line of laptops. An example of its use includes saving photographs on digital camera and transferring them to a laptop for storage. A specific version can also be used with the Sony AIBO robot pet. These memory cards come with programmable 8MB and 16MB memory.

How is the PRO different from the PRO Duo?

The PRO was developed in collaboration between Sony and SanDisk in 2003 to answer the need for more memory and speed in the original stick. The PRO Duo or the MSPD replaced the Memory Stick Duo. Except for not having a high transfer mode or Magic Gate support, it has the same features as the PRO.

How do you transfer files between devices?

When using a Sony memory stick for a camera, there are multiple ways to transfer the files to your computer. You can plug a USB cord into both devices and transfer them that way. You can additionally remove the memory stick from your camera and insert it into your computer directly, assuming it has a corresponding slot for it. If not, an adapter that plugs into the computer can also transfer the files.

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