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Hummer H2 Side Marker Lights

Hummer H2 side marker lights play an important role in illuminating the surrounding area and indicating your position, speed, and intentions to other drivers. For that reason, having functioning side lights is necessary for staying safe. The different side marker lights for the Hummer H2 SUV have a variety of characteristics that make them suitable for different needs.

What are OEM side marker lights?

While Hummer did most of the work in building the H2, many other companies contributed as well. The company that made each part is called the OEM for that part, which is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts are special because they are an exact replacement of the lighting that the vehicle had when it was brand new. That means it will fit, and the electronics and wiring will mesh with what the truck already has. A non-OEM light is called aftermarket. Aftermarket lights can differ from the original design. An example is a bulb of a different type or a different lens color.

What lens colors are there for H2 side lights?

There are four main categories of lens colors for cars: red, amber, clear, and smoky. Individual lights within each category can be brighter or darker depending on the tint and the thickness of the lens. This also affects whether the light travels in a narrow beam or a wide glow. This is mostly an aesthetic choice. In a few cases, the color is legally required, such as the red in brake lights. Clear lights are a special case because the underlying color of the bulb will shine through. This varies from a warm yellowish white to a standard white to a cool blue white.

Does positioning on the vehicle matter?

Yes. On many vehicles, the front and rear are not symmetrical. Curves on the front and rear corners will vary and so will the positioning and angle of the bulbs, so a light bought for the front will often not work towards the rear. This applies to sides as well. A lens and case will be built to fit a specific side based on the direction that it is pointing. For that reason, side lighting is often sold in sets of two or four to ensure that you can get the parts you need. Individual lights or parts should be marked with the model, year, and position that they will fit.