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Shuffleboards Equipment

Table shuffleboard is the classic game where players slide pucks across the table towards specific scoring areas. To successfully play shuffleboard at home or at the office, players need a variety of equipment, ranging from the table itself to maintenance products.

How do I select a shuffleboard table?

When choosing a table, people need to take several factors into consideration:

  • Length: It's important to choose the right size shuffleboard table. Before buying, measure the room where the table is going to be installed. If the table is going to be placed in a home, smaller 9-foot-long tables may be appropriate. For larger spaces, players can find shuffleboard tables that measure 22 feet.
  • Width: To maximize gameplay, choose a shuffleboard table that is at least 18 inches wide. This gives players room to play the game. Players won't have room to maneuver with widths smaller than that.
  • Finish: When tables are treated with high-quality finishes, like polymer epoxy, the discs slide freely and accurately across the playing surface. Top-notch finishes also ensure longevity, as they protect shuffleboard tables from cracks and scratches.
  • Thickness: It's important to choose a table that is sturdy. Look for a thickness of two or three inches. Some high-quality shuffleboard tables are made out of solid wood, which is the most sturdy.
What additional shuffleboard equipment is needed?

While the shuffleboard table is the most important component, it's not the only one. Other parts include:

  • Discs: The game simply can't be played without discs, which are also known as weights and pucks. To ensure accuracy, they need to be appropriately balanced; many of them have plastic tops and steel bodies.
  • Bowling Pins and Pinsetter: Shuffleboards can be converted into miniature bowling alleys with a set of shuffleboard pins.
  • Scorers: To keep track of points earned, scorers are essential. Traditionally, players use abacus scorers, but there are many options to choose from.
  • Lights: To illuminate nighttime play, players can attach specially designed lights to the sides of the table.
What products help players maintain their shuffleboard tables?

Essential maintenance products include:

  • Wax: To keep shuffleboard tables clean and ready for the next game, most people use a combination of waxes and cleaning sprays.
  • Shuffleboard Brushes: Shuffleboard brushes are used to buff shuffleboard wax to keep the playfield surface smooth and clean.
  • Table Cover: Specialty shuffleboard table covers are designed to fit snugly over shuffleboard tables to keep dust off the play surface.
  • Shuffleboard Powder: New and expert players alike can use specialty powders to increase speed and accuracy.

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