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Shower and Bath Seats

As people get older, proper bath safety becomes more essential. Slippery surfaces combined with the slowed reaction time that seniors may face taking a bath or shower make these prime areas for painful falls and serious injuries. Shower and bath seats can offer a place to sit when cleaning yourself.

What is the purpose of a shower and bath seat?

The purpose of an adult bath seat is to provide a stable surface for individuals who are at a higher risk of injuries when taking a shower or bathing in a bathtub. Some people become weaker or lack balance as they get older. Those with specific types of health conditions may also be at a higher risk of falling in the tub. In cases such as these, shower and bath seats that are used properly in the tub can provide another layer of protection from injuries. They also provide seating for those in a wheelchair when cleaning themselves.

What materials are shower seats typically made from?

Shower or bath seats are available in materials like polyethylene or teak wood. While the handles or other accessories may consist of stainless steel, aluminum, or other metals, the seat itself is generally plastic or wood.

What is the size of most adult bath seats?

The height and width of these seats will vary from brand to brand. However, many of them are adjustable to allow you to install the chair according to your specifications and needs. Some seats can be folded down.

Is there assembly required for a shower or bath seat?

There is not usually any assembly required for these items. If anything, you may need to take a few moments to attach a handle or grip bar.

Do adult shower chairs have handles?

Some versions of adult bath chairs do not have any handles or grip bars. On the other hand, many types do offer handles, arms, or bars that can help you maintain your balance when sitting and standing up. When selecting the type of adult bath seat you'd like to purchase, be sure to carefully review the specifications relating to the specific item in question.

How much weight can transfer benches safely hold?

The weight that a transfer bench can hold is a feature that will vary slightly from one brand to the next. Most bathroom transfer benches are designed to hold weights of up to 220 pounds. It is possible that some brands may accommodate even more weight, but it is wise to always check the specifications of each item you consider.