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SeneGence Lip Makeup

SeneGence Lip makeup is available in several different formulations that all serve to improve the health and appearance of lips. Color, gloss, liner, balm, remover, and volumizer help moisturize, protect, and adorn lips. You can custom-mix the beauty products to create a unique look for yourself or a friend.

What products does SeneGence make?

SeneGence makes lip products that include LinerSense, LipSense, LipSense Gloss, LipSense Balm, Ooops Formula, and LipVolumizer. Each product serves a different purpose in order to hydrate and remain on for as long as you want it to. These products do not come off unless they are specifically removed with makeup remover. The long-lasting color can stay on your lips anywhere from four to 18 hours.

What is LinerSense?

LinerSense includes a sable brush for application and serves to structure your gloss or color placement. This liner is designed to blend with a variety of different LS shades, and it contains the same technology as the color to help the liner last as long as you need it to. LinerSense is waterproof and will not smudge or smear away.

What is the difference between LipSense and LS gloss?

LS color is the premier product for SeneGence. This particular color allows you to mix hues in order to create a virtually unlimited number of shades to suit both your complexion and aesthetic taste. The color lasts for all day or night wear. This product is completely waterproof so that it will not come off when you’re drinking, eating, or kissing.

LS shine can be used on top of LS color to add a finishing sheen, and it also can be used on bare lips. If applied on top of color, LS shine helps lengthen its longevity even further. The formula contains vitamin E and shea butter to condition the skin. Shine, matte, shimmer, and pearl finishes are all available. LS shine helps protect against and repair damage from weather and cold.

How does OoopsSense work?

This product serves to unbind LS color whether you need to correct a mistake, change a hue midday, or remove it at night. This product is made of a special formula that helps condition and protect while it removes the LS formula lip color.

How do you apply the Lip Volumizer?

The Volumizer is a natural formulation for plumping. It helps increase volume by up to one-fifth and moisture by over one-half within one month of daily use without any needles or injections. It also helps minimize wrinkles around the mouth with technology that renews skin cells. Apply Volumizer once per day.