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Ford F-550 Super Duty Seats

The bench or bucket seats in Ford F-550 Super Duty XL, XLT, and Lariat trucks come with a number of features, such as automatic controls. However, if you need to replace seats that have become damaged or you simply want to change out the factory seats for a different driving experience, there are many options available for your vehicle.

Are all Ford F-550 seats compatible?

If you find your seats uncomfortable or you simply want to swap your bench seat for bucket seats (or vice versa), keep in mind that it is possible to find seat replacements from a wide range of Ford diesel trucks. Seats in the 1999 to 2010 F-550 models are compatible with one another.

How do you replace 1999-2007 F-550 Super Duty seats?

To remove the current seat in your Ford F-550 vehicle, an 18mm deep wall socket must be used. The seat should be moved back as far as possible to expose and remove the bolts. After the bolts are removed, the seat should be moved forward so the plastic cap can be removed with a screwdriver. A T60 Torx bit can be used to remove the seat belt receiver bolts and detach the seat belt from the buzzer plug under the back of the seat. Now the seat can be removed.The steps can be reversed if the new seat is a perfect fit. If not, you may need to:

  • Locate the two holes near the transmission tunnel and gently remove the coverings.
  • Place the new seat on top of the transmission tunnel so that the rear holes line up with the seat belt holes, placing bolts in the holes without tightening them.
  • Use a drill to mark the holes in the transmission tunnel, but make sure to check what is beneath the tunnel.
  • Washers and spacers can be placed to elevate the new seats.
  • Bolt everything down and reconnect the seat belts.
Does a Ford F-550 have lower LATCH anchors?

No, the Ford F-250, Ford F-350 Super Duty, F-450, and F-550 models do not have LATCH anchors because they arent required due to vehicle weight. Car seats have to be installed the traditional way in these trucks, which means extra care must be taken to achieve a good fit.

Can the rear drivers side seat be lowered?

The rear drivers side seat of the F-550 cant be pulled down, but the rear passenger side seat can. It is possible to add an aftermarket latch kit to the Ford Super Duty diesel truck to make the drivers side rear seat fold down.