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Dodge Caravan Seats

Dodge Caravans are known for being versatile and spacious vehicles. If you are looking for a replacement rear or front seat, you can find a range of options. You can also find replacement parts, including those for front bucket chairs, easy-out roller seats, rear Stow n Go systems, and Swivel n Go seating.

How do you remove rear seats from a Caravan?

If you have a Stow n Go system for your rear seating, the following instructions are general steps you can follow. Each model year may work slightly differently.

  1. Open the Dodge Grand Caravans tailgate and clear out the space.
  2. Fold the bench seat down and pull the lever on the left side of it. Lift up the carpet behind it.
  3. Pull on the black strap on the back of the bench, which is located at the joint of the base, and then fold the seats down into the floor. If you want to remove the seats entirely, pull on the bar underneath to disengage them from the latch. At this point, you can take them out of your minivan. You would reverse these steps to install a replacement seating system.
  4. Open the side doors of the Dodge Grand Caravan to access the bucket chairs. Use the recline control on the side to fold them down.
  5. Pull up on the floorboard in front of the seat.
  6. Pull up on the release latch, which is on the back. Push the chair into the compartment in the floorboard. To remove the seat entirely from the Dodge minivan, look for the release to unclip it from its final latch. You can perform the steps in reverse order to install a new seat.
Are there leather seats for Dodge Caravans?

If your Dodge Caravan came with standard cloth seats they can be replaced with leather ones. You can look for aftermarket products for your first, second, or third row. These will match your standard dimensions. When purchasing a replacement for your Dodge, make sure you know what type of rear seating you prefer. Most Dodge Caravans and Grand Caravans have bench seats in the third row, and some have bucket seats in the middle row.

Can you install heated bucket seats in a Dodge minivan?

If your Dodge Caravan or Dodge Grand Caravan did not come with heated chairs, you can install them at any time. You can find bucket seats for your vehicle that have heating elements built into them.

What are some advantages to putting in new seats?
  • Over time, the seat cushions and fabric can get worn down, so installing new products can give your Dodge new life.
  • You can potentially increase the resale value of a Dodge Caravan or Dodge Grand Caravan with a fresh interior appearance.
  • You can customize the look to match your preferences. You can go with black, tan, brown, or other shades.