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Seat Covers for Scion xD

Car seat covers are affordable, sensible accessories for a Scion xD. They not only improve the appearance of your vehicles interior, but they can also help make cleaning and maintenance easier and help you avoid costly car cleanings. With a variety of styles, features, and materials, they can also enhance the comfort level of all of the vehicles occupants.

What are the benefits of using seat covers?

Seat covers reduce wear and tear to the vehicles upholstery while protecting it from food and beverage spills and other types of stains. Many are machine washable, which makes cleaning them easier. Other materials may require more care, but they are often still a more affordable option than paying for interior car cleaning services.

Another benefit of using seat covers in your Scion xD is that they can improve or change the inner look of your car, especially if you are not content with its original patterns and colors. There are a wide variety of colors and styles available to suit personal tastes. Covering seats in tan, gray, or beige helps achieve a classic neutral look, while black and brown are ideal for car owners who want deeper colors. To create a vibrant, sporty look for your Scion xD, choose seat covers in brighter colors or bold patterns.

What types of covers are available for the Scion xD?

The size, shape, and seat design of the vehicle will determine the types of car seat covers available for you to consider. There are six types of car seat designs: solid bench, split bench, bucket, sport, jump, and captain’s designs. The cover must match the seat type while also considering any seat adjustments, armrests, headrests, and back height.

There are a variety of styles to choose from. RealTree Custom and Eurosport are two brands that produce tailor-made covers for the Scion xD. Some types of seat covers extend the cloth to the face-side only. Others provide additional seams and paneling along with extra features such as back map pockets, full textile backing, and more.

Scion xD seat covers also come in a range of colors, patterns, and materials. Leather seat covers are common because they are easy to clean and look great. Neoprene is a low-maintenance cover option that is resistant to water and moisture and comes in an array of colors. If you are looking for a less traditional textile, covers made of sheepskin fabric may be of interest. Although its a high-maintenance cloth, it can give your Scion xD interior a different look.

How do you care for sheepskin seat covers?

Follow the care instructions highlighted on the covers label. If the covers are machine washable, add baby shampoo to the wash and use a gentle or delicate cycle. Sheepskin covers should be placed on a flat surface or clothesline for drying.

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