Sea-Doo Complete Personal Watercraft Engines

Personal watercrafts, also known as PWCs, are small recreational boat crafts that are designed to be ridden in the water by one individual. Sea-Doos are known for being powerful watercrafts that are reliable on the water. These PWCs boast powerful engines to fit a wide variety of needs.

What amount of power does Each Sea Doo personal watercraft offer?

Different PWC engine speeds and power capacities are required for different uses. When getting out on the water, it is important to know which kind of Sea Doo personal watercraft will best fit your needs. A Sea Doo personal watercraft that will be used for tow purposes needs more power than one that will be leisurely ridden at a slow speed, only occasionally.

For light, purely recreational use, the following lower horsepower options are ideal:

  • Spark: 60 or 90 horsepower
  • Spark Trixx: 60 or 90 horsepower
  • GTS: 90 horsepower

Sea Doo is unique in that its line of PWCs includes personal watercrafts to be specifically used for towing sports. Those models are:

  • Wake 155: 1503 NA 4-TEC
  • Wake Pro: 230 horsepower
  • GTX 230 model: 230 horsepower
  • GTX Limited: 230 or 300 horsepower

When boat like performance and power are at the top of the personal watercraft wish list, consider the following PWCs:

  • GTR 230: 230 horsepower
  • GTR-X 230: 230 horsepower
  • RXPX-300: 300 horsepower
  • RXT 230: 230 horsepower
  • RXT-X 300: 300 horsepower
What are some differences between Sea Doo watercraft motors?

There are several differences between the 230 and 300 horsepower models found in Sea Doo PWCs. The Sea-Doo 230 Rotax 1500 HO offers fuel efficient power with Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE). The Sea-Doo 300 Rotax 1630 ACE is the most powerful choice with an advanced throttle system and unprecedented acceleration speeds.

What maintenance does a Sea-Doo engine require?

Similar to a car or boat, a Sea-Doo will require regular oil changes. The craft requires coolant to keep the engine performing at optimal levels, which will need to be maintained by the owner. If you live in cold climates, you can extend the life of your engine by winterizing it every fall.

What are some features of a Sea-Doo personal watercraft engine?

Sea-Doo personal watercraft motors allow the vessels to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds. Larger sizes are available in some Sea-Doo models, making those options ideal for towing purposes. The See-Doo technology includes a closed loop cooling system, electric starters, and intelligent throttle control. The Sea-Doos improved brake system makes it stand out.