Screen Digitizers for Motorola Moto X

If you need to replace the screen of your Motorola Moto X phone, you may have cracked your glass and need a replacement for the screen digitizer. Fortunately, you can replace the display and may not have to purchase an entirely new Motorola phone. What follows are some things you should know when looking for screen digitizers for Motorola Moto X phones.

What is a screen digitizer for a Motorola Moto X?

On every modern Motorola cell phone, there is an LCD screen. This functions as an actual computer monitor where the image is displayed for the user to see. It is a thin component covered by a screen device that translates signals from analog to digital. This means it interprets your finger motions and touch, and then digitizes them into signals the processor can understand.

What should you look for in a new touchscreen digitizer?

In addition to finding an intact product made specifically for the Motorola Moto X, you should also make sure that you are getting a flex cable or ribbon to go with it. This will effectively transfer information from the glass to your phone.

How do you repair the display on a Moto X?

Make sure you have at least an hour to work on this and that you have all of the replacement parts you need. Also, make sure you have a set of repair tools and a clear space to work. This is so that you can keep up with all of the parts of your phone. Be especially careful when working with cracked glass.

  1. Begin by removing the Sim card from your Moto X. Use an opening tool to slide around the edges of the Moto X to remove the back cover. Use a heated opening device to loosen the adhesive inside the back cover before removing.
  2. Using a spudger, flip up the retaining flap on the flash cable and remove it from its socket. Remove the back.
  3. Remove the lower antenna and the battery. The battery adheres to the motherboard with an adhesive, so peel it off slowly and carefully to avoid bending it.
  4. Remove the screws on the headphone jack and then remove the jack. Disconnect and remove the front camera. Remove the sim card slot.
  5. Use a spudger to remove the motherboard. Do not pull the motherboard away from the phone yet. Flip the tab to free the flex cable before removing the motherboard completely.
  6. Use the spudger to remove the power and the volume control buttons.
  7. Remove the button assembly and the assembly cable from the Moto X. Use a tweezer to extract the earpiece from the Moto.
  8. You are now ready to replace your Moto X screen. Replace the old one with your new one and follow the instructions in reverse order to reassemble your phone. Make sure to carefully reattach the flex cable as you repair.
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