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Own the Green With one of These Titleist Scotty Cameron LH Putters

Perfect your putt with a Titleist Scotty Cameron LH putter. Whether practicing on the green, in your home, or on the putt-putt course, a Scotty Cameron putter will help you keep well below par. Find these and more at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

What are some features of these putters?

There are a selection of putters from which to choose. They come in varying sizes and models, and you can find the two most common head shapes: the mallet and the blade. Some of these putters include the head covers while others do not. A couple of features common to all these left-handed putters include:

  • Designer: Designed by Scotty Cameron
  • Shaft: You can get a steel, graphite, or titanium shaft
What is the difference between a blade and a mallet?

Blade and mallet refer to the shapes of the putter head. A blade is thin, long, and rectangular. A mallet is in the shape of a half circle. There are also mid-mallets which have a more curved metal, but the general shape is still that of a half circle. A mallet glides across the green and resists digging in. Most of the weight is in the face of a mallet-shaped putter. A blade-head putter is typically the lightest and smallest and is optimal for straight putters.

How do you find the right-size putter?

Finding the right putter involves finding a combination of features that suit you. If you notice you are gripping the putter too high or low, it will affect your swing. Therefore, length is an important consideration. Another feature to consider is weight. Longer putters should obviously weigh more than shorter ones. Other factors to consider when looking for your putter include:

  • Balance Point (face or toe)
  • Head design
  • Belly or Long Putters
Are these putters new or used?

These Scotty Cameron LH putters on eBay are mostly used in varying conditions. Many have very little wear and tear and still function like new putters. Purchasing a used putter can allow you to buy a putter at a lower price than buying it brand new. This can also be beneficial if you are leery of trying a new brand of putter. You can essentially try it out without investing a lot of money into it. You can always find putters at the most affordable prices on eBay.