Scooter Parts and Accessories

Electric scooters, such as those made by Razor and other manufacturers, allow you to enjoy many hours of leisure time. While off-road riding of your Razor could lead to the need to replace parts such as its wheels, other parts of the battery may need routine replacement every couple of years. There are many styles and types of parts that are designed to enhance the performance, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of your electric Razor scooter.

How do you choose batteries for an electric scooter?
  • Select the power of the battery: Most Razors and other brands of scooters require batteries that have at least 12 volts of power. If you are unsure of the power of scooter parts you need, lift up the hood over the battery to check it. If it is not legible, the scooter owners manual should also describe the scooters power requirements.
  • Select a battery chemistry type: The batteries for scooters are available in chemistry types, including lead acid, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium ion. Lead acid parts last for about 300 charging cycles, nickel-metal hydride scooter parts last for about 500 charging cycles, and lithium ion scooter parts last for about 800 charging cycles.
  • Select a manufacturer: Choose a manufacturer for the battery of your electric scooter. Battery manufacturers include Razor, Athena, Honda, Kymko, Piaggio, Vespa, and Yamaha. There are also unbranded batteries available for your electric scooter.
Which parts are replaceable on scooter wheels?
  • Inner tubes: The inner tubes of scooter wheels can be replaced if you get a flat tire. The inner tubing can also be inflated with an air pump if they get low on air pressure.
  • Thick treads for going off-road: There are wheels with thick treads that allow you to ride your electric Razor scooter off-road or over rough terrain.
  • Chrome hubs and lugs: Scooter parts for the wheels, such as hubs and lugs, may be made of chrome. This material enhances the appeal of these parts and resists rust and corrosion.
What parts and accessories are available for scooters?

If your Razor or other type of scooter needs a boost in performance, consider parts such as a high-performance carburetor or bore kit to give its motor a boost. When you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the scooter, consider accessories such as ergonomically-designed pedals, handlebars, and fenders that are made with chrome parts.

If the seat or grips on the handlebars have worn out, there are replacement parts and accessories designed to restore the Razor or another brand of a scooter to its full comfort and functionality levels. There are also Razor-compatible and original equipment manufacturer accessories, such as replacement ignitions, clutches, and motors, so that you can get your scooter back on the road again.