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Get Versatile with SATA Male Drive Splitter Cables

SATA power male drive splitter cables allow you to power more devices with your existing power supply. These products are available in a number of different colors and models from various brands. These products are also available unbranded may also be described as a SATA extension cable.

What is SATA?

SATA stands for serial ATA or serial AT attachment. SATA is the current standard computer bus interface that allows you to send data to various mass storage devices. These mass storage devices can be optical drives, hard disk drives, solid-state disk drives, or other types of storage devices. This interface is the successor to parallel ATA which allows for faster and more efficient data transfer. The speed of data transfer will be determined by the type of SATA cable chosen. Currently, there are a number of generations of SATA cables available. Below is a select list of data transfer speeds. The data transfer speed is measured in gigabytes per second (Gbit/s). The product title or the product description, on the cable or adapter, will tell you which data speed capability is available.

  • SATA Revision 1.0: Data transfer speed of 1.5 Gbit/s. First released on January 7, 2003.
  • SATA Revision 2.0: Data transfer speed of 3.0 Gbit/s. First released in April 2004.
  • SATA Revision 3.0: Data transfer speed of 6.0 Gbit/s. First released in July 2008.
  • SATA Revision 3.2: Data transfer speed of 16.0 Gbit/s. First released in August 2013.
What does a male cable or connector mean?

All connectors on cables and adapters are identified as being male or female. A male connector or adapter will have their pins protruding from the interface. A female connector or adapter will have their pin receptors depressed into the interface. All the interfaces on the SATA male drive splitter cables have male connectors at both ends of the cable as well as on the adapter. That means there will be a protruding pin interface on both connectors of the cable and a protruding pin interface on the adapter. Therefore, you must make sure that your product has a female SATA interface to ensure that your devices are compatible with these male to male extension cable products.

What is a splitter?

A splitter is a cable that has split its cable into multiple destinations. On a SATA power cable, SATA cable, or extension cable, a splitter allows you to power more than one device with your existing power supply This type of product is optimal for people who want to simultaneously operate multiple mass storage devices. Sometimes, people will use SATA power cables, on their SATA drives, to allow themselves more than one backup data storage unit. It is important to ensure that all devices are compatible with the splitter and have a female interface.