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Rolex Watch Parts for Perfectly Maintained Timepieces

If your Rolex is looking the worse for wear or if you want to customize it in preparation for an upcoming social function, the parts in this category on eBay might be just what you're looking for. If you follow these tips for finding the right replacement parts, you'll be able to find a solution that suits your purposes.

What types of Rolex parts are there?

There are quite a few different types of replacement parts for your Rolex watch. Some of these parts include the following:

  • Movements - The movement is the part of a wristwatch that contains all of the gears and dials that allow it to operate. The movements in wristwatches are incredibly complex, and they consist of dozens of tiny pieces.
  • Bands - It's sometimes possible to find a full band for your watch, but it's more common to come across portions of bands that can be used to make your wristwatch band longer.
  • Bezels - The bezel is the circular component that surrounds your watch face. Bezels come in many different colors, and they are usually emblazoned with numbers that correspond to the positions of the hands on your watch.
  • Crystals - These parts are also referred to as watch glasses, and they are the clear components that cover the movements on watches. Some of these parts are made from glass, but they are more commonly made from acrylic.
What is the purpose of a watch chain?

You won't have much need for a watch chain if you have a wristwatch. However, these types of chains become necessities if you have a Rolex pocket watch collection. Rolex chains are generally made from stainless steel, and they attach to the loop at the end of your pocket watch. They make it so that you can connect your watch to whatever you're wearing without having to worry about losing it.

How do you pick the right parts for your Rolex?

The first step is to determine the issue that you want to resolve. Then, you'll need to find a replacement part that is compatible with your Rolex watch. Finally, you'll need to select from the different aesthetics that are provided by each type of potential solution.