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The Definitive Guide for Playing in Style with Your 'Rocksmith' Cable

You may be looking to learn how to play guitar. "Rocksmith,' which is a game/trainer that's produced by UbiSoft is a great way to learn electric guitar in the comfort of your home, but you'll need a specific 'Rocksmith' cable in order to play so that the game can recognize your tones. On eBay, you can find a wide variety of Real Tone cable packages, which will allow you to play single or multiplayer on this very useful guitar learning software.

What's the middle piece on the 'Rocksmith' Real Tone Cable?

This is a breakaway section of the cable that allows the cable to split into two components if it's suddenly jarred. This is very beneficial because it allows you to move around when you're jamming on your instrument without causing strain to the cable. Also, this makes the operation of the cable much safer when you're playing.

What consoles/systems can use the Real Tone Cable?

'Rocksmith' is available on a wide variety of systems, and as a result, you can purchase Real Tone Cables and use them cross-system. This means that you can play 'Rocksmith' on your desktop and still take the same cable with you when you travel with your PS4. Here's a list of products that are available when you want to play the game:

  • Xbox One and Xbox One S
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • Windows and Mac PCs with Steam and UbiPlay
What makes the 'Rocksmith' guitar cable different from recording adapters?

While you can purchase guitar interface recording adapters that have an audio jack and USB connector, these aren't quite the same. These products won't work with the 'Rocksmith' platform and there's a bit of lag when you use them. The 'Rocksmith' cable is a full-fledged device that allows for a lag-free use, so you won't have to worry about being slightly off and the game not recognizing your notes.

What precisely is a 'Rocksmith' Real Tone Cable?

The Real Tone Cable for 'Rocksmith' allows you to be able to connect up to the game so that it can recognize your strums. One end of the cable has a standard guitar audio jack, and the other end has a USB connector. The cable is able to grab the analog signal from the guitar and translate it into digital data so that it can be processed by the system on which you are currently playing the game. As a result, the game can recognize when you're tuning, fretting, strumming, and playing chords.

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