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Your Guide to Selecting Ricoh Rangerfinder Film Cameras

Rangefinder cameras like the Ricoh 500 are classic photography tools that use traditional film. Whether you're taking a family portrait or shooting wide-angle landscapes, you can find Ricoh Rangerfinder Film Cameras with an array of aperture settings, shutter speeds, and other features.

What is the design of rangefinder cameras?

The layout for a rangefinder is simple. The mechanism has a small window that triangulates when a user twists the focus ring. Along the middle of the window on some cameras, there is a component that gathers light, and this process enhances the frame lines during the focusing process.

Since these cameras lack a mirror, product designers can build lenses strategically so that the back portion of the glass doesn't impact the image plane. This layout helps the hardware avoid focusing inefficiencies that would be caused when an image plane interacts with a mirror.

How do you focus?

These products are designed with a range-finding mechanism that focuses the lens during shooting routines. When a photographer manually twists or rotates the ring, the rangefinder makes adjustments by relying on a dual image. After the ring is strategically twisted, these superimposed images are adjusted so that they properly line up and enhance the focus.

While using the device, you don't have to examine an environment or a subject though a lens. Instead, you can implement the focusing procedures through the window, which is located along the top portion of a device. If you know how to use a disposable camera with a viewfinder, you'll understand how to focus this product as both tools have a similar layout.

How do rangefinder cameras differ from SLR cameras?

Besides the range-finding mechanism that is unique to these types of cameras, rangefinder cameras also have:

  • A smaller frame
  • A lighter design
  • A precise focus
What types of lenses can be used with Ricoh rangefinder cameras?

Many wide-angle lenses are designed for rangefinder cameras. The main options are wide and ultra wide, and each design can shoot an image in a way that decreases distortion. When snapping a picture of a large landscape, consider using a wide-angle 12mm lens.

What colors and materials are available?

The housing on a typical rangefinder camera is constructed out of a glossy plastic material. These products have a two-tone color scheme that includes a shiny trim with a silver tone and a black base design. All of the buttons are silver and are mounted on the top of the housing.

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