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Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are a great way to keep your bathroom clean and your essentials organized, and they also give you a chance to add some personal style based on the model and design of the recessed cabinet you choose. Recessed medicine cabinets are a popular choice in the bathroom, as they sit inside the wall, saving more space within the room and allowing more storage due to deeper shelves. Recessed medicine cabinets can vary in size, material, finish, designs, and more, so it is important to consider what your storage and space requirements are before purchasing a medicine cabinet.

How is a recessed medicine cabinet installed?

Recessed cabinets are installed to sit inside the wall, which provides extra space in front of the medicine cabinet. These recessed models are placed between the studs inside the wall, so it is important to know the spacing of the studs within your bathroom. It is also necessary to ensure there are not any electrical wires or plumbing lines behind the wall where you plan to place the recessed cabinet, and if these are present, they can be rerouted. Recessed cabinets generally come in heights of 22 to 40 inches, and they can come in widths from 14 inches up to more than 80 inches, so there is a lot of flexibility depending on your style. Depth can also vary between models, allowing you more storage if necessary.

What door styles are available for recessed cabinets?

The doors for recessed cabinets are available in a number of options, including swinging to the left or right, hinging upwards, or sliding from side to side. Left and right swinging doors are quite common and are best for recessed cabinets located in the center of the wall, and upward-hinging doors can provide a space-efficient and unique look. Sliding doors do not require any hinging, making them a great option for anywhere in the bathroom.

What features are available for recessed medicine cabinets?

  • Locks: Locks can be a great way to keep children from accessing medicines and other harmful substances that can be found in the bathroom cabinets.
  • Mirror: Mirrors are commonly seen on recessed bathroom units, and some models even incorporate a magnifying mirror to make getting ready in the morning a bit easier. High-end medicine cabinets can also come with a defogging feature, to keep your mirror clear while you are in the shower.
  • Finishes: The exterior finish of your medicine cabinet can range from stainless steel and stained wood to glossy enamel and paint to accent the room. There are many different finishes available that allow you to customize the look of your bathroom.
  • Lighted Interior and Exterior: Lights can be placed on both the interior and exterior of recessed cabinets. A lighted interior makes it easy to locate all of your items, and exterior lights can provide better lighting for when you are getting ready.
  • Outlets: Some models incorporate built-in outlets, which allow you to charge your devices or give you easy access to a plug for your hair straightener or electric razor.