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Raised Toilet Seats

Raised or elevated toilet seats are handy to have on hand for several reasons. They are often a part of post-op care or they may be for a senior citizen who needs a toileting aid while using the bathroom. Before investing in this sort of seat, it is important to consider its qualities to ensure it's a good fit for you.

How do you know the product is the right shape?

By design, toilets are considered either elongated or round. As a result of this fact, most elevated toilet seats are also elongated or round. Some are designed to be universal no matter the shape of the toilet. The older the home and its fixtures, the more likely it is that you will need a round riser. The easiest way to figure out which shape you need to get is to look at your toilet. Elongated are far more oval than round models. If you aren't sure, try a universal raised option.

What are the different styles of raised toilet seats?

It is important to note that raised seats are meant to be set on the actual bowl of a toilet. The previous, standard base and lid needs to be removed not matter what style of elevated option you get. There are raised choices that simply sit on the bowl, there are versions that have a locking mechanism that fix it to the bowl, there are varieties with arms, some have legs that create a point of contact with the floor, and then there are bedside commodes that can be placed over a standard toilet.

Then within each of the different styles, there are yet more sub-categories. For example, padded seats, drop arm or hinged commodes, padded arms, etc.

How to you know which style of seat to get?

The product that you invest in depends entirely on the stability of the person using it and the likely duration of use. If you are purchasing it for yourself, are very stable on your feet, and simply need it as an up and down safety measure as part of some post-op requirements, you may well need a simple, non-locking unit. If you are purchasing it for an elderly person that uses a walker to get around because they aren't even steady for walking, you may want to invest in a locking seat, with arms, and that has legs that touch the ground for an intensely secure product.

Who makes raised toilet seats?

Many medical companies fabricate raised toilet aids. They are a fairly common within homes, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. As a result, each company will have their own version of essentially the same thing. Some of those companies include:

  • Invacare
  • Carex
  • Duro-Med
  • Medline
  • Sammons Preston
Are there any accessories to get with an elevated seat?

For bedside items, it is possible to get a liner for the included buckets should you intend to use it. For raised seats, there are not many options for accessories. It is possible to purchase seats that have a per-integrated anti-microbial cover. This allows them to be especially sanitary, easy to clean, and hypoallergenic.