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Finding a Vintage Gaming Joystick

Gaming consoles, video games, and controllers looked different decades ago, and that's evident when you're looking to invest in a vintage gaming joystick. SpectraVideo released their range of controllers during the 1980's, which included The Quickshot II, Super Warrior, and PC Fighter. These controllers were compatible with a range of devices and helped users play arcade games, driving and racing titles, and any other video games that required a controller. Most controllers came with a stick, trigger, and buttons and aimed to offer an ergonomic solution to other joysticks on the market, and people still collect them to this day. Most of the joysticks come in used vintage condition for collectors, but there may be some that work, provided you have a compatible device.

What Devices Are Compatible with These Joysticks?

This particular joystick works with standard Atari format, but it's compatible with more devices and games than just this. Although you might find it difficult to use with modern systems, there are some older models that allow it as long as they have an 8-bit format. These are a few ways you might be able to use the joysticks to play games:

  • Atari: Both the Atari ST and VCS work with the controllers and joysticks from this brand.
  • Commodore: The Commodore 64 and Amiga both are compatible with the Quickshot Joystick and had a number of games to play.
  • PCs: The ZX spectrum and some earlier models of PCs, including IBMs, allowed these joysticks for gaming.

What Condition Are They Available In?

SpectraVideo first released the Quickshot in 1982, and they are still available in varying conditions. Depending on whether you want to use your controller to play games or collect as a form of nostalgia, you can hopefully find the right one to suit.

  • New: A rarer condition to find these joysticks in and one that has never been opened or used previously, usually as collector's pieces.
  • Used: Most of the joysticks you find will probably be in this condition, having been played when they were released and usually in working order still.
  • Not working: These are not in working order and are purely pieces of vintage nostalgia and collectibles or for spare parts.

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