Plastic Christmas Characters Yard Decor

Christmas is a joyful time of the year, and the time when many people really enjoy getting into the spirit of the holiday season. By decorating their homes, both inside and outdoors with colorfully lighted areas, festive scenery, and any number of decorative ornamentation, they are helping to spread the joy and happiness of this season for themselves and others around them. One terrific way of doing this is by setting up a festive display of lighted outdoor Christmas yard decorations.

Are plastic Christmas outdoor figures still used for decorations?

Absolutely. What some may call classic or vintage now, the good ol plastic Santa and his reindeer, a snowman, the nativity, and other such plastic Christmas ornamentation will remain favorites for many people. After all, plastic decorations have a lot going for them. Plastic figures are light, withstand any temperature, are easy to clean, and very easy to store. And if taken care of, plastic decorations should last for generations.

Are there inflatable Christmas decorations?

Inflatable decorations for the yard are a common sight during the Christmas season, especially the lighted and self-inflating yard decor. The old classics like Frosty the Snowman, the nativity scene, and reindeer pulling Santa Claus in his sleigh have seen colorful, new upgrades in their renditions of the inflatable Christmas decorations. Almost every other Christmas symbol or scene is also available in convenient inflatable form.

What are some other outdoor holiday decoration ideas?

You can really add a festive boost to your yard decor, from the mailbox at the end of the driveway all the way to the front door. Dress up the mailbox like a little village shop, or perhaps Snoopys house with Snoopy on top. Welcome your guests with driveway and walkway lighted decorations lining the drive and path. And as people approach your front door, have them walk through a colorful, festive inflatable archway. Have some fun with it all -- the possibilities are numerous.

Are there Santa Claus figures available without the reindeer?

Santa Claus can be found in a wide variety of holiday decor by himself, and with other figures and characters away from his reindeer. In fact, stand-alone Santa just may be a bit more commonly seen than Santa with his reindeer are. Lots of people like to buy Santa individually, and put him in different areas around the yard, a way for people to customize their own Christmas village with Santa as the welcoming host.

Can outdoor lighted decorations for Christmas be used indoors?

Yes. They are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the elements of cold and adverse weather conditions, so temperature and other factors indoors wont affect them. Conversely, dont attempt to use indoor lighted decorations outside, as they arent made to handle the temperature and moisture.