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Choosing Video Game Pins and Other Merchandise to Add to Your Collection

When it comes to collectors' items, video games and video game merchandise has risen in popularity, especially among younger generations. With this popularity has come a wide variety of new video game merchandise, including pieces like Pinny Arcade pins. With the rise of events like PAX Prime and PAX East, the range of collectible pins on the market has grown rapidly in recent years, representing a wealth of titles and video game genres.

What Sort of Video Game Pins Are out There?

If you are looking at adding some Pinny Arcade pins to your collection, then you should think about what your options are. Each piece has a unique design and certain features that make them attractive to different collectors. Some of the most popular pins include:

  • Video game character pins - Popular video game characters like Mario and Sonic are popular targets for manufacturers of video game pins. If you already have a video game merchandise collection, then consider adding some character pins to it.
  • Event pins - Often, special video game events or conventions have their own range of limited edition pins. These are usually quite rare and can be hard to find if you are looking for specific ones.
  • Other game related pins - There are a lot of other different video game related pins and other collectibles out there. If your current collection focuses on something specific, then consider adding new items that compliment and build your collection.

What Should I Think about When Choosing Collectible Pins?

Collectible video game merchandise comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Some items are rare, while others are common but still be hard to get your hands on if the demand for them is high enough. Consider the following things when choosing collectible pins:

  • How many of them were made? The less of an item there is in circulation, the more chance there is of it becoming a true collectible in the future. If possible, try and build your collection with rare, limited edition pins that are hard to find, even if they aren't currently seen as collectors' items.
  • What sort of condition are they in? Obviously, new items are the most attractive to serious collectors. However, if the item in question is rare enough, there will still be significant demand even for used and worn items.
  • Do they have their original packaging? If you want to really build a proper video game merchandise collection, then you should try and choose items which are unopened and still in their original packaging; there is usually a lot more demand for items like this.