Philadelphia Eagles Fan Socks

Philadelphia Eagles NFL Socks

Since 1931, the Eagles have been the major football team of Philadelphia. The team colors of midnight green, black, white and silver can be viewed in socks for men that feature the Philadelphia Eagles name and logo. Mens socks with the NFL teams designs are available in many lengths and styles.

What color green is on Philadelphia Eagles NFL socks?

Midnight green, which is also sometimes referred to as Eagles green, has been the signature color for the Philadelphia team since 1996. It is distinguished by a particularly dark shade of cyan. In standard RGB color space, midnight green has no red and almost equal parts blue and green. Though almost all modern mens sock designs feature midnight green, you may occasionally find socks that are a bright kelly green instead. This is a throwback to the old color and logo that the team used back in the 1980s.

Which materials are used to make these NFL mens socks?

Mens socks made to celebrate the various NFL teams are created by several different companies, so they do not all have the same composition. All of the different fibers used in the stockings have unique benefits.

  • Cotton: Cotton is very breathable, so it is a good choice for men who want lightweight Philadelphia NFL memorabilia.
  • Wool: This thicker material provides additional warmth in chilly weather.
  • Nylon: Nylon is frequently blended with other fabrics to provide a little extra strength.
  • Polyester: Polyester washes easily and dries very fast, so it is useful for athletic gear.
  • Spandex: This material adds plenty of stretch to your Philadelphia Eagles socks.
Which designs and patterns show up on Eagles socks?

Clothing celebrating this NFL team tends to feature the following designs:

  • Eagle heads: The head of an eagle in profile is the traditional logo for the Philadelphia NFL team.
  • Flying eagles: Some socks have an extended version of the Philadelphia Eagles logo that shows an eagle flying while holding a football.
  • Wings: This design is taken from the NFL players helmets; it shows just the wings of the eagle.
  • Word marks: The official word mark for this Philadelphia NFL item says "Eagles" in an all-capitalized font with long triangles stretching from the top of the first and last letters.
How high are Philadelphia Eagles socks?

The length of the item you get will depend on which style you select.

  • Knee-high: These are mostly for athletic use, and they reach to roughly the bottom of the knee.
  • Mid-calf: Also called crew cut, this is a design that stretches above the ankle without touching the knee.
  • Ankle: Ankle length is a little shorter than crew-cut socks, but it still shows an inch or two above the shoe.
  • Low cut: These have a very low profile, so they stop right below the ankle bone and can hardly be seen with most shoes.
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