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Frequently Asked Questions About Replacement Parts for PetSafe Electronic Collars

Pet owners can replace batteries, prongs, and other parts on many PetSafe collars. Dog and cat owners may want to change to a more stylish or designer look, or the prongs may need to be longer for a dog with denser fur.

How do you switch out an electronic collar?

Often the material of the collar can be worn, faded, or frayed with time, or you may want to change to another style or color. Replacement PetSafe collars are available in new and secondhand condition on eBay for affordable prices, and some of the styles are waterproof plastic, black nylon fabric, and striped patterns.

Each PetSafe style may have a different bracket system, but the general guidelines are to select a new dog collar that is the same width and long enough to fit around your pets neck comfortably. It should have several holes for the prongs to go through. To begin, slide the power box off of the old PetSafe collar. Slide it onto the new material and line up the holes with the prongs.

How do you change the prongs?

Prongs come in varying lengths to accommodate fur depth. Choose the shortest length that will contact the neckline. There will be a plastic grabbing tool to place over the old prong. Once set on the prong, twist it, and the prong should twist off. Put the new prong in the collar and tighten with the grabbing tool. Some types of replacement prongs that are available are:

  • 3/8-inch mini contact points
  • 1/2-inch points
  • 3/4-inch dense fur contact points
  • 1-inch points
How do you change the battery in the receiver?

The batteries in training, wireless fence, and bark collars will need replacing. To change the battery, select the appropriate size, then remove the prongs with the grabbing tool. Pop the cover off the back and insert the fresh batteries. Snap the lid into place and screw the prongs back on.

How do you change the batteries in the remote?

To switch the batteries in the electronic remote control, first select the correct size. Some of the remotes will need the back unscrewed, or there will be a place to pry open the remote with a screwdriver. Some remotes will have a waterproof covering that pops off first before the main component can be unscrewed. Once inside, there might be small, loose springs. Remember to keep track of them. Plug, pop, or screw in the new battery and close the case in reverse order.

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