Panasonic LR44 Bateria Baterias Não Recarregáveis

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What The LR44 Battery Standard Entails

An alkaline LR44 battery may be used in many devices that you use in your daily life. Alkaline LR44 batteries from Panasonic are designed with everyday use in mind and often work as an alternative to a silver oxide battery. You must review how well such batteries may work for you while seeing what the standards for these batteries are.

What are the Key Features?

  • The LR44 battery is a button cell unit. This produces a voltage of 1.5 V. The small design does not produce intense shocks. The unit is made with small-level power needs like with any other coin cell model you might find.
  • The battery uses an alkaline cell setup. This is a non-rechargeable design. The battery operates off of a reaction between zinc and manganese dioxide. As the two materials interact, power is generated. The alkaline setup is similar to what you would find out of silver oxide batteries, but the alkaline battery also costs less on average.
  • The size of the coin cell battery is also minimal. The LR44 battery is about 1.95 grams in weight. It is 5.1 mm high and 11.5 mm in diameter, thus allowing the battery to work to your demands.

What Can the Battery Work In?

You can use one of these batteries with various power needs in mind. Some of the most common uses you have for the battery include the following:

  • Calculators. The slim body of an average calculator is conducive to the size of an LR44 battery.
  • Watches. The voltage on the battery allows it to work in many modern watches, particularly digital watches.
  • Remote controls. Controls for cars, security systems, and other technical items can be supported by one of these batteries.
  • Thermometers. Medical thermometers may operate off of these batteries. Alkaline power may work on an ear thermometer or even a rectal unit.
  • Blood pressure monitors. Some of the smallest monitors can use these button cell batteries. These include pocket monitors.

LR44 vs. A76

When looking for LR44 batteries, you might come across the A76 name. The LR44 name is the official designation for the coin cell battery according to the International Electrotechnical Commission. The A76 listing is a reference to the part number used in the battery.

No Mercury

The button cell battery you use must be designed with no mercury. The alkaline cell design should provide you with power without having to use any added chemicals like mercury. The battery should still be kept secure and protected so it will not leak or wear out prematurely. By using the button cell battery the right way, the LR44 unit can last for years to come in many of your everyday devices.