Panasonic CR2016 Bateria Baterias Não Recarregáveis

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What to Consider When Looking for Single Use Batteries

The CR2016 standard that Panasonic uses in some of its batteries must be explored. The design of the battery ensures it will last for an extended period.

What is Physical Size of Lithium Batteries?

The size of the Panasonic battery is vital to review at the start. The compact size allows this to fit into a wide range of devices without adding bulk:

  • The battery should be about 20 mm in diameter. The button cell battery uses a circular design.
  • The unit is around 1.47 mm thick, thus providing it with a low profile.
  • The weight of one of these batteries is listed at about 1.9 grams, thus keeping the power unit from adding too much weight to anything.

What are Some Power Points of Lithium Batteries?

Several power considerations should be explored within one of these lithium batteries:

  • A combination of lithium and manganese dioxide is used to add to the battery's capacity.
  • The nominal voltage is listed at 3 V. A 90 mAh capacity is included on the battery. The unit does not use as much power as other batteries would. The power comes from lithium being capable of fitting more power into a smaller space than what you might find out of a traditional alkaline battery.
  • The operating temperature range is from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius, thus ensuring the battery will keep working in most conditions.
  • The cell runs for around 1,032 hours before it loses its charge. At this point it would operate at a 2-volt standard, thus keeping it from working as well as it should.

What are Lithium Batteries Self-Discharge Concerns?

The long shelf life of this lithium battery makes it a popular choice. The self-discharge rate on the battery is about 1 percent per year. Therefore, the battery will not run out of power after a while, thus providing it with good shelf life for the uses you may have for it.

Compatible For Many Items

The button cell battery should be universal in design. It must be able to fit into all devices that work with the CR2016 standard. These include such items as:

  • Cameras. Not all cameras operate on the CR2016 battery standard, but it would not take much time for the models that do use the battery to take it in.
  • Watches. The small design allows the battery to fit into a watch quickly.
  • Small Flashlights. A portable flashlight like what you might find on a keychain needs a small non-rechargeable battery.
  • Car Keys. A battery ensures that the wireless system for opening a car's doors or linking to a keyless start feature will continue working.
  • Calculators. A calculator can use this CR battery to produce a simple display.