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Amplifiers for Homes of All Sizes

The amplifier is the central unit responsible for the sound produced in any audio system. Even when your speakers are directly connected to a receiver, the sound is processed through an integrated amplifier. Onkyo has a number of hi-fi stereo and surrounds sound amplifiers designed to work indifferent home configurations.

Whether your preference is cinematic effects or quality music reproduction, there is an Onkyo model built to serve your needs. Picking the right one does not require any knowledge of electric circuitry, just a good understanding of the numbers that describe its characteristics.

How do I Determine Amp Power?

A standard unit of measure when discussing power for electrical equipment is the Watt. However, when it comes to comparing amplifiers, you need to use these three metrics

  • RMS
  • Ohm
  • Watts

A high number of watts but low RMS means that the amp can achieve a high peak, but not sustain a powerful output. Pushing the amp to its limits will drastically shorten its life and can easily cause it to overheat during use.

The Ohm measure is there to describe impedance stability and current flow related to the signal sent to the speakers. Your speakers don't just need to be plug-compatible with your amp, but the amp needs to be Ohm-compatible with your speakers. High-impedance amplifiers are not compatible by default with low-impedance speakers.

What Kind of an Amplifier Can I Connect to s Simple Receiver or CD Player?

Almost all Onkyo models ever made should be compatible with the input from a receiver or a CD player. The signal type from these devices is usually stereo, so Hi-Fi two-channel stereo amplifiers are a good way to go.

Modern Onkyo stereo amplifiers are also capable of processing different digital inputs. This means that even if you have an additional device that delivers digital surround sound signal, the stereo amplifier will find a way to reproduce the sound via two speakers. The same rules apply to reproducing special recordings techniques such as

  • Ambisonics
  • Binaural recording
  • Panor-Ambiophonic or PanAmbio

Having more channels on an amplifier will allow you clearer sound, but you will have no trouble playing the sound on a simple 2:0 Hi-Fi system.

Are the Terminals Banana-Plug Compatible?

Many Onkyo amps have gold-plated banana-plug compatible terminals, but compatibility varies from one model to another. Before purchasing a unit for a complicated audio set up configuration, examine the full specifications of the model.

Can I Connect a Turntable to the Amplifier as Input?

Most modern amplifiers have a phono-stage built-in receiver that allows you to directly connect a turntable. Note that a surround sound amplifier may not offer this option, so always examine the full specs of the model you are interested in. The phono-stage or pre-amp may be built in the turntable itself, so make sure to check the specifications on both devices.