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OGIO Motorcycle Luggage and Saddlebags

OGIO designs luggage and saddlebags that can be strapped to a motorcycle, giving you a place to store items while you ride. These packs feature integrated foam construction and are equipped with openings that are within reach, among other features.

What types of moto bags does OGIO make?

OGIO makes a variety of packs, including:

  • Gear bag: OGIO makes several gear bags designed for traveling with your moto gear. Some of these bags have a shoulder strap, while others have wheels and a retractable handle. Each bag is structured, featuring PVC backing.
  • Street bike pack: The street bike packs are meant to be worn on the shoulders. These backpacks feature adjustable load dividers, a removable fleece-lined accessory pouch for extra storage, and a padded helmet sleeve.
  • Hydration bag: OGIO also makes hydration packs, which allow you to carry about 70 ounces of water or other liquids with you. A strap holds the bladder reservoir in place, and a tube channel port makes the liquid accessible.
  • Specialty bag: OGIO offers several specialty products with other organizational options. Tank packs are smaller than the brands other packs, making them an option for shorter journeys. Tool packs are designed to be worn around the waist, giving you a place to store your tools and accessories.
  • Tail bag: An OGIO tail bag is designed to be mounted to the back of your bike. These styles have expandable compartments, exterior pockets, and rain covers.

What features do OGIO moto bags have?

These luggage products are equipped with several distinct features, including:

  • Single shot molded exterior: A streamlined single shot molded exterior helps the OGIO bag or backpack to resist water penetration and the negative effects wind shear.
  • Aerodynamics: Bag styles that are made to be worn on or strapped to bikes have aerodynamic features such as shoulder gaskets and air flow surface designs.
  • Storage: Many OGIO products provide organizational features to store your items separately. The backpacks, for example, have a main compartment as well as organizer panels, shoe storage pockets, compartments to store a laptop or tablet, and fleece-lined pocket meant to hold a smartphone or other personal electronics.
  • Cushioning: OGIO backpacks have a variety of cushioned features, including neck and shoulder straps as well as sternum straps, which are meant to increase comfort and help prevent slippage.
  • Universal web mounting system: The OGIO tail bag comes with a mounting system that makes it compatible with many types of bikes.

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