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The Basics: Understanding Nikon Vintage Camera Parts and Accessories

Ever since Louis Daguerre released the first commercially viable camera in 1839, people have enjoyed photography as a hobby and a profession. Some people developed a loyalty to Nikon after it released its first camera in 1948. Many enthusiasts can repair vintage cameras to use or sell.

What are some types of vintage film cameras?

Nikon has made many different types, including:

  • Single-lens reflex: These options use a mirror and prism system to allow photographers to see the exact image that is seen through the lens.
  • Rangefinder: These options require the photographer to line up two images on top of each other to capture a clear picture.
  • Twin-lens reflex: These options have two lenses with one connected to the viewfinder while the other lets light in to capture the image on the film.
  • Point-and-shoot cameras: These options are usually easier to operate because the unit focuses automatically.
What are some common camera parts?

A camera is made up of many different parts, including:

  • Lenses: These attach to the front of the camera and capture light forming the image on film.
  • Viewfinder: This part allows the photographer to see the image.
  • Shutter release: This button opens the shutter for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Aperture ring:Turning this ring determines how far the lens will open to let in light.
  • Film advance lever: Pushing this lever after taking a picture advances the film.
  • Rewind lever: Turning this lever rerolls the film so that you can safely take it out of the camera. Often, pulling this lever opens the camera's back.
  • Film compartment: This interior pocket is designed to hold the film.
  • Flash: Some cameras have a light at the top for taking pictures in low-light situations.
What accessories may be available for vintage cameras?

There are many different types of accessories available, including:

  • Bags: These coverings are designed to protect the body and accessories, and they are available in many colors and designs.
  • Cleaning kits: Cleaning solutions, cleaning cloths, lens cleaning pens, and an air blow cleaner are available in many different cleaning kits.
  • Lenses: Lenses come with different mounting systems and different focal lengths.
  • Lens filters: Polarizing, neutral density, infrared, and many other choices may be available.
  • Lens hoods: Attached to the front of the lens, hoods often stop light from entering from the body from the sides.
  • Flashes: Photographers can choose the degree of lighting by using different flashes.
  • Tripods: These three-legged attachments help photographers hold the body of the camera steady.
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