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Ride the Wind With Motorcycle Wheels and Rims

Whether youre out on the road or off the beaten path and gunning your engines on your motorcycle, you may want performance and durability from motorcycle wheels and rims. Great wheels and rims that are unique can really make a bike stand out from the crowd, and you can find just what you are looking for with new and used motorcycle wheels and rims on eBay.

Are there different brands of motorcycle wheels and rims available?

Yes, eBay offers several brands of motorcycle wheels and rims in 16-inch through 21-inch diameters. Some brands may include the following:

  • Yamaha
  • Harley Davidson
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Excel
  • KTM
  • Performance Machine
Why are spoke rims suited for off-road use?

Also called laced, spoke rims are designed with crossbars interlacing between the edges of the brim and the hub. These spokes provide structural strength thats suitable for rough-terrain riding. Casual and adventure riders also prefer spoke rims due to the durability they offer. They can bend without breaking, which makes them appropriate when criss-crossing hilly trails and treacherous paths. Compared to an alloy wheel, a spoke rim is forgiving and easily repairable when youre riding on rough terrain. You can replace broken spokes to get your brims back in optimal shape.

Can you put a tubeless tire on spoke rims?

This will depend on what type of bike you fit the tire on. Some models have edge-spoked rims that make it possible to have tubes without air leaks. The traditional spoked styling leaves a little space where the rims meet the crossbars, so a tubeless type will cause air to leak. Therefore, if the tires on your Harley-Davidson or Yamaha have inner tubes, then it will be difficult to replace them with tubeless models without making significant adjustments. There is also a risk of the beads failing to fit properly on motorcycle wheels designed for tubes.

When should you replace motorcycle wheels?

Knowing when to replace a wheel or rim can depend on whether you want to improve the efficiency of your bike, you need a replacement, or you just want to trick up your ride. A wheel that is out of true is one situation to watch out for. If a front or rear wheel wobbles from side to side or up and down, its probably time to get a replacement. Balancing a rim on a center stand should tell you if its out of round.