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Miele Major Appliances, Parts, and Accessories

There are many choices when it comes to your home appliances. Miele has been creating products since the year 1899, with Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann founding the company. More than a century later, Miele remains a family-owned business, focusing on manufacturing household appliances for the laundry room and kitchen, as well as products for floor cleaning.

What are some of the products Miele offers?

Miele major appliances, parts, and accessories come with many choices. They have a sizable list of options and designs specifications for each appliance so you can make a purchase customized to your particular needs.

  • The size and design of a kitchen will dictate much in terms of what appliances can fit in it, and that is why Miele offers a variety of refrigerators and freezers of different dimensions. There are split units, separate units, built-in refrigerators, and wine storage units available in different sizes and colors. They also come with features like “dyna cool” to evenly distribute cold air, “no frost” to eliminate the need to defrost frozen foods, and “perfect fresh” to keep meats, fruits, and vegetables at the right temperature and humidity settings.
  • In order to prepare a meal, there needs to be a heat source for the food, and Miele has a selection of cooktops to fill that gap. The first choice to be made is between induction, gas, electric, or some combination of the three. Each one has its own specific features, and it would serve the customer well to study the specs on all three styles to figure out the choice for their needs. There are also different hoods from Miele to vent out unwanted smoke or smell while cooking.
  • An appliance that is owned for the sake of convenience and water saving is a dishwasher. Miele has both stand-alone and integrated dishwashers available with customized tray options, glass cleaning technology, and fully integrated dishwashers that fit into existing kitchens. Miele's dishwashers include handle-less doors that can open either automatically or by knocking on them.
  • Miele also has machines for the laundry room. Washers and dryers can come as front loaders, top loaders, split units, or fully integrated into the existing design of the room. Miele’s washers come with a patented honeycomb drum that creates a film of water between the drum and clothing to protect fabrics as they tumble around. The dryers are equipped with condensation-reducing technology. Of course, once some clothes are dry they need to be ironed, and Miele offers those as well.
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