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Men’s Razor Blades

For most men, shaving is a necessity. The right razor can make or break the experience. With so many styles and features to choose from, there is surely a razor for every man.

What should you consider when choosing a men’s razor?

Choosing the right razor blades will depend on a variety of factors and personal preference. With so many choices, a few simple guidelines will help make the process less confusing.

  • If you are looking for a close shave, consider choosing a shaver that offers multiple blades. Many brands such as Gillette and Schick offer products that may include up to five, providing an ultra-close shaving experience.
  • Choosing razor blades that feature flexible heads is beneficial when shaving over contoured areas of the body. Stationary heads are more likely to cause nicks and cuts in hard-to-shave areas. Many Gillette models offer heads that conform to your body’s contours, providing a close and cut-free shave.
  • Selecting a product with built-in lubrication will keep your skin hydrated and may also protect against accidental cuts.

How long do razor blades last?

Shaver life varies depending on the type of blade, the brand, and how often you shave. Disposable products are only recommended for a few shaves, while multi-blade razors that come in cartridges may last for several weeks. If you have very coarse hair or allow the head to remain wet after shaving, the blade may last fewer shaves.

What are blade cartridges?

Blade cartridges are packages of blades for use with a specific handle. They are available in varying sizes and also offer varying numbers of blades. Unlike razors with disposable handles, only the cartridge itself should be thrown away. Cartridges tend to last longer and are available from manufacturers like Gillette, Dorco, and Schick.

How do you clean razor blades?

Keeping your razor clean and dry may prolong its life. To keep it in good condition, follow these steps:

  • While shaving, rinse the razor under a stream of running water. Gently tap it on a hard surface to remove excess hair.
  • Gently clean the razor with a brush to remove any remaining residue.
  • Set it out to dry completely to avoid rusting.
  • Consider pouring a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a bowl and submerging the head for several minutes. This will remove any bacteria and clear out any stubborn residue.
  • Consider applying a light oil to prevent mineral buildup on the blades. Leave it out to air dry and store it where it will not get wet until the next time you use it.