Shorts de maternidade para mulheres

Maternity Shorts

Be cool and stylish during your pregnancy with comfortable maternity shorts to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy a variety of styles, materials, and bold, bright colors even in the later months of your pregnancy with shorts that provide respite from warm summer days and keep you looking fashionable. Look stylish and keep yourself cool with shorts that represent your fashionable look while you're expecting.

What types of maternity shorts are available?

There are an array of styles to be found in maternity shorts designed with the mother-to-be in mind. The diversity in styles is nice as every pregnancy is unique and what fits during one pregnancy may not be your choice for your next child. Each style is designed to meet your needs for appearance and comfort while pregnant. Some options include the following:

  • No insert: These shorts have no expandable insert but truly fit under the belly, which can be a wonderful thing. These shorts are designed to fit the backside well without sags or gaps. These shorts can possibly be worn after delivery as a roomy, comfortable pair of summer shorts.
  • No insert with concealed elastic waistband: This style can work for perfect little maternity shorts that are made to be comfortable, with elastic in the waistline. These shorts will fit nicely the entire nine months as your size changes, which is a real bonus.
  • Demi insert: The demi insert is a good place to start as your belly begins to expand and a nice compromise if you're having trouble deciding between a full insert and none.
  • Full panel: These maternity shorts look great throughout the duration of your pregnancy while providing good support. Full panel shorts are wonderful for repeat pregnancies in providing a nice silhouette, and they even offer some welcome back support. Additionally, some have panels that are designed to blend with an array of skin tones, which is a real plus as far as appearance.
  • Insert in back only: Once you get used to the insert in the back, the shorts are comfortable and look like normal shorts from a front view.
  • Insert side only: Side insert only shorts are wonderful choices because they really do appear to be standard shorts from the front and back. The side inserts give just enough support where you need it without affecting coverage in the back, which looks great throughout. These shorts will fit the entire nine months, and the side inserts are barely noticeable.
Do well-known brands make maternity clothing?

You can choose maternity shorts from an array of designers, including brands made specifically for the expectant mother or brands that focus on women's clothing generally. Aside from some really wonderful maternity-specific companies that produce increasingly stylish maternity clothing, many brands like Old Navy and Gap offer high-quality clothes that are comfortable and stylish throughout a pregnancy.