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Your Nissan GT-R Transmission Parts

Getting your Nissan GT-R moving the right way requires a quality transmission. You can work on it alone or find some help once you have the right pieces. All of the pieces you need can be found in one simple eBay catalogue.

What do transmissions enable in a Nissan?

There?s a long distance from the wheels of your car to its engine. What bridges the divide is called a transmission. This assembly is essentially a housing or compartment of gears enclosed in a pressurized container. Everything is pressurized with oil and by an intricate pumping system to keep things lubricated. The gears in this casing are designed to collect power from the engine as raw output of torque. That collection is then sustained in an idle position if you?re parked, stopped at a light, or free-rolling downhill. You will then be able to engage the gears of your transmission when you need power to move your GT-R again.

Can a broken transmission rev the engine too high?

You can still rev your GT-R engine, but you might not be able to get any power if your transmission is down. Another sign of a need for new fixtures is when driving while the revolutions continue to remain at high levels. This could be directly related to something within your transmission. Take a look at the transmission parts in your owner?s manual because you can find them on eBay, including the following parts:

  • Impeller: The impeller pumps fluid into a turbine in order to create viscous force.
  • Turbine: The turbine then rotates by the force of an oil fluid that allows the transmission to receive torque with a manageable impact.
  • Stator: The stators are parts of the torque converter that are stationary pieces other fixtures can work from.
Are transmissions too complicated to figure out?

You don?t have to figure out the entire composition of your transmission for an upgrade. Many items on eBay come preassembled, and you can quickly find the help of a local mechanic for installation. Doing the installation yourself is also possible, but refer to your owner?s manual once your contents have arrived.

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