Mangroomer Men's Electric Shavers

Mangroomer men’s electric shavers come in different models for specific regions of the body. Areas like back, face, head, and underarms can be trimmed with various settings and features.

What types of electric shavers are available?

Electric shavers come in all different styles, including back and body hair trimmers, haircut trimmers, beard and stubble devices, nose and ear tools, travel shavers, dryers, and more. Power adapters and replacement heads are also available for a number of different Mangroomer products.

What are some features of back shavers?

Back shavers have a variety of different features, including two shock-absorber flex heads, a power hinge, extreme reach handle with pro XL-extension lock button and power-burst technology. It comes with a lithium battery. One of the razors is larger to accommodate body parts with lots of hair. The device also offers the ability to lock at any particular angle to allow an individualized shave.

What tasks can body hair tools be used for?

The devices are designed for underarms, shoulders, chest, legs, arms, stomach, and groin area. It allows for use in or out of the shower. The body tool allows for flexibility and contouring while trimming. A power burst allows you to shave areas of thick, coarse stubble. The blades are made of stainless steel, are hypo-allergenic, and can be cleaned by rinsing in water and allowing to air dry.

Which features do haircut tools offer?

Haircut tools come with guards of different lengths in order to provide options for a variety of haircut styles. Start with longer guards and then taper to shorter lengths. Always cut from the front to the top of the head and from the back of the neck to the top of the head. The tool is intended to be maneuverable and guards can be removed entirely for edging purposes around the ears and neck.

Which elements do beard, nose, and ear devices offer?

Facial hair and stubble devices offer a range of different settings that adjust in one-millimeter increments for an individualized shave. The trimming blades are hypo-allergenic and made of stainless steel, and the device can be used wet or dry.

Nose and ear devices feature hydraspin technology. Vents in the sides of the trimmers allow the inside to dry after being rinsed with water in preparation for the next use. Travel shavers and hair dryers are also available.

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