Magnavox Amplificadores de Potência de Áudio e Vídeo Antigos

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Buying a Vintage Power Amplifier

Maybe you're an audiophile who likes collecting vintage or antique electronics or you enjoy making a weekend project out of restoring old amplifiers. Either way, vintage Magnavox power amps are high-performance pieces of audio equipment that deserve a second look.

What Is a Power Amplifier?

It's possible that you've heard the term "power amplifier" before but weren't sure how it is different from any regular amplifier. There are a few reasons why this type of amplifier is quantified as a "power" model.

  • There are different types of amps, one of which is integrated amplifiers. This type of amplifier includes all of the components are housed in a single box.
  • Conversely, power amps have all the necessary parts of the amp split up into two units: the pre-amp and the power amp.
  • Sound experts recommend a power amp over an integrated amplifier when you want a higher quality of sound since you can customize each component to your specific needs. This also allows each separate part to work as it should to offer maximum sound benefits.

What Are Some Features of Power Amplifiers?

Whether you're using a vintage or modern stereo, hooking up an older amp has its advantages thanks to some notable features of these classic power models.

  • Some old-school models have built-in inputs that you can use to hook up modern technology such as a CD player, record player, or AUX-compatible components.
  • You can choose an amp that comes with added features, such as compatible speakers or a remote control.
  • Some power models feature a hard-to-find design, such as a push-pull monoblock. This feature is seen on some tube amps and means that there are pairs of tubes used for speaker driving. Additionally, this type of amp is usually more compact than other models due to the smaller transformer.

What Are Some Magnavox Power Amp Models?

You can put together a custom antique audio setup with vintage amplifiers. The brand is known for its variety of electronics, and there some models from it to consider as you shop for a vintage amplifier.

  • For a tube amplifier that runs almost silently, consider the 8802 model. It offers a push-pull design along with 12 watts for each channel. It's also lightweight, weighing roughly 10 pounds.
  • As a single-ended tube amp, the 196-A design features EL84/6BQ5 output tubes.
  • For a more modern design, look into the FA1471 model. This design can come with a matching tuner for an audio set and offers benefits for listeners that include audio inputs, a removable antenna, and equalizer controls to adjust the bass and the tone of sounds.

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