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Moog Pro Audio Synthesizers

The Moog music company has been producing electronic music for decades. They offer modulars, minimoogs, subs, minitaurs, moogerfoogers, controllers and more. Moog Pro audio synthesizers are categorized by the number of keys like 25, 37, 44, or 49.

What is the history of Moog?

Moog Music is a North Carolina-based company founded in 1953 by Robert Moog. The company manufactures electronic musical instruments. They were producing Theremins in 1954 but began creating synthesizer systems in 1964. Since the 1980s, Moog Music has been manufacturing instruments and electronic effects equipment like modulars, semi-modulars, minimoogs, and analog effects modules.

How does a synthesizer work?

This type of equipment is an electronic musical instrument that creates sound through converted electric signals. They can imitate more traditional instrument tones like a piano or organ, but also novelty electronic timbres. Synthesizers can be played with a piano-like keyboard or controlled through other input devices, like sequencers or controllers. It works by generating waves of sound from various shapes. Synthesizers produce an electronic frequency that produces a desired sound. There are two main types of synthesizers: analog and digital, which are described below:

  • Analog: These synths use manual circuits and signals to create an electronic sound. This means that the instrument works directly with the sound waves, so they are made by many separate, sound-creating modules. They are also called modular synthesizers.
  • Digital: This type uses digital signals to produce musical sounds. Instead of manually manipulating modules, computer chips manipulate them for you. Many contemporary models are digital.
What types of Moog synthesizers can you find?

Moog's contemporary line contains Moog modulars, semi-modulars, and digital synthesizers. However, you can still find older models in both types with a variety of features. Moog categorizes their synthesizers into the four following categories:

  • Modulars: This line includes an array of larger analog synthesizers, like the System 35, Model 15, and the Emerson Moog System. There is also a full keyboard option.
  • Semi-modulars: Unlike the average model, semi-modulars have modules with a hard-wired signal path. You access these paths by patching. They can come as two- or three-tier rack kits, gig bags, and single racks.
  • Minimoogs: These unique synths are portable synthesizers that can be used for live music, whether it be live recordings or performances. Minimoog Model Ds are compact and are easy to pack and setup.
  • Phattys: The models contain a full keyboard. They feature personalization options and sound choices.
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