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MCGARD Car and Truck Wheel Lugs

Wheel lugs are key components of your car or trucks safe operation that are necessary to keep each tire attached to its hub. Whether you are changing the lugs due to damage or as part of a cosmetic overhaul, you will want a new set that will keep your wheels turning properly. MCGARD lug nuts and parts help protect your vehicles suspension.

How do you determine the proper size of MCGARD parts?

Before buying your MCGARD wheel lock nuts, bolts, and key, you need to know what size your wheels are. Here are the things to check:

  • Check the width: Using a measuring tape, find the width of the threads on the lug nut.
  • Find the pitch: Determine the pitch of the threads of the lug nut by the inch. If using metric figures, determine the amount of space between the threads.

What is unique about MCGARD locking lug nuts?

Standard lug nuts do not require a key to remove them, simply the correct size tire iron. If you are interested in locking the wheels for better security, locking lug nuts from MCGARD are easy to use and have a specific key. This key unlocks the lug nuts securing your tires. You are able to protect them from removal, unless you need to work on either your suspension system or change the tires on the car. The MCGARD wheel-lock key may be in the shape of a star, a square, or a straight line.

What are MCGARD wheel lock nuts made of?

Locks, nuts, and bolts from MCGARD feature three layers of metal, providing both protection as well as a polished shine. Nickel makes up the first layer of the lug and resists corrosion. The shine and luster of the lock are then produced by another layer of nickel. After the second layer, a third layer of nickel is applied to your MCGARD lock. The locks third layer will chemically interact with the previous layers in order to reduce corrosion caused by environmental factors as well as help decrease wear and tear.

What are the dimensions of these protective wheel locks?

Your special MCGARD lug nuts weigh just under a pound each, making them long-lasting as well as lightweight. One lug nut per wheel is all you need in order to protect your wheels, making installation of the lug bolt and lug nut locks simple and fast. While the exact dimensions MCGARD wheel lock lug nuts and bolts will vary based on your cars model and wheels, they are an average size of 8 inches by 6 inches by 1 inch.

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