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Loose Synthetic Moissanites

Choosing Moissanite for Your Jewelry

Moissanite, the gemstone discovered in a meteor crater that crashed to earth, is an incredibly great option for people who dont want to or cant use diamonds. Moissanite jewelry has been around for a long time, yet many people still dont know much about it. If youre in the market for loose moissanite, the following tips can help.

Recognising the differences between loose diamonds and loose moissanite?

ALthough they look very similar, there are several key differences between a diamond and moissanite.

  • Moissanite is brighter than a diamond due to the way that it disperses light, making it perfect for people who are looking for lots of sparkle in their stones.
  • A diamond is the hardest gemstone with a hardness rating of 10, while moissanite is right behind it with a hardness level of 9.25.
  • When it comes to color, moissanite has more color than a diamond, netting out on average at about a "k"-color rating and occasionally featuring a tone that is often referred to as yellow or pale greenish.
Can you use moissanite as side stones?

The great thing about moissanite is that you can use it in the place of diamonds as side stones in your jewelry. They provide all the sparkle you want but cost a lot less than diamond side stones, allowing you to go all out when designing your jewelry.

How long does Moissanite last?

One great advantage of moissanite is that it lasts as long as a diamond, making it a stone that you can purchase and pass down from generation to generation. These stones are commonly put in the same quality setting that youd use for a diamond so that the stone remains secure over time.

What to look for when choosing loose synthetic moissanite stones

Moissanite is available in the same cuts that diamonds are available in. Those cuts include round, oval, cushion, emerald and square brilliant cuts, which are the moissanite versions of princess-cut diamonds. Keep in mind that moissanite is much more brilliant than diamonds, so depending on the cut you get, you could be dealing with an extremely bright ring. Another alternative is to consider choosing smaller moissanite stones in a setting.