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How to Install a Car Lock Actuator

Power door locks require the same standard upkeep as any other part of your car. When the door lock actuator and other related hardware burns out or malfunctions, its important to find the specific model for your vehicle. Lexus door hardware comes in a variety of models and years, supplying auto owners access to door lock actuators when malfunctions occur.

What is a Door Lock Actuator?

Whether the front, rear or trunk door, actuators both control the lock mechanism while receiving signals from keyless-entry devices.

  • Parts: The common parts of a door lock actuator include its motor, a cable that extends and connects with the lock, as well as accompanying gears and linkage hardware.
  • Locking Device: Each piece contains a hook-like feature which turns in the direction necessary for locking or unlocking the given door.
  • Security Measures: Todays door locks only communicate with specific code and key fob designated for opening the bolt. Lexus models require a range of variations depending on the type of door installed on your specific car.

What are Some Signs the Door Lock Actuator is Broken?

Certain signs can alert drivers that their automatic locks may be breaking down. Its easier to replace the parts early on before breakage leads to larger problems.

  • Unusual Noises: Though power locks make a range of standard rotation noises that can be heard inside the vehicle, louder noises than usual are often an early sign that the motor is wearing down or something is malfunctioning inside the mechanism.
  • Misfiring of Signals: If any door locks, rear, passenger or drivers side, begin to fasten or unhook without notice, this could be a sign of a wiring or electrical issue inside the actuator.
  • Lack of Function: Clearly, when locks no longer respond to the key fob, its time to check out the problem. Though this could be a battery issue with the fob, it is also common to switch the locking devices itself.

What Causes Door Lock Actuators to Break?

Whether the problem occurs over time or due to a sudden accident, there a few common reasons for the mechanism to break.

  • Signal Disruption: If the electrical wiring surrounding the hardware breaks down over time or is jolted suddenly, the proper signal can no longer relay the message.
  • Overuse: As with any car part, constant use over a short period of time will wear down the hardware inside the actuator, slowly loosening or damaging the materials from basic wear and tear.
  • Build-Up: It is also possible that dust, dirt and grime can become lodged in the mechanical features of the hardware, keeping the wires and parts from rotating when requested. In this case, it may be possible to repair the door actuator opposed to replacing it.

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