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Line 6 Guitar Amplifiers

Line 6 Guitar Amps

One common mistake that most people make when playing an electric guitar is focusing more on the qualities of the instrument, while disregarding other equally key elements you need to obtain the sound you want. An amplifier is one of these elements. It makes no sense buying the most expensive or the best quality guitar on the market if you don’t have a suitable amplifier capable of getting the best out of it. Line 6 has been leading the way in the modelling technology, with Spider amp being one of their major projects. 

What’s special about Line 6 Guitar Amps?

Line 6 guitar amps come loaded with innovative features that modern guitarists crave. Here are some the features:

  • Upgraded guitar amps, cabs and effects: Line 6 guitar amps are loaded with over 200 amps, cabs and effects to choose from, giving you a chance to create any tone you can imagine of.
  • Enhanced Acoustic Technology: Line 6 amplifiers have acoustic presets that use Variax acoustic technology and therefore able to bring out the best tonal qualities of your guitar. Also, the dialed-in effects such as reverb and delay will help you boost the average acoustic sound to a higher level.
  • Great Sound: Looking for a guitar amplifier that lets you hear your tone with an exceptional depth and clarity? Line 6 amps come with full-range speakers that deliver not only quality sound but also offer you amazing versatility. You can decide to play both the electric and acoustic guitars and they will still sound great. On the other hand, Line 6 designs closed-back guitar amps that produce a better bass response from the speaker.

What are the different types of electric guitar amplifier?

  • The combo: This is an all-in-one unit, meaning its integrated with all the three elements of an electric guitar amplifier (preamplifier, power stage and speaker), and therefore able to deliver a specific sound and tone. It is suitable for amateurs or music artists who are still learning because its easy to use and has a clear advantage of comfort; no need to carry or connect several devices.
  • The head: Unlike the combo, the head only integrates a power stage and a preamplifier, leaving out the speaker. If you’re planning to go for the head amplifier, then you’ll have to get an external speaker of equal power. Other than that, general performance and sound quality is way better, and offers greater versatility, since you have the option to play with different loudspeakers and screens.
  • The preamplifier: This is a unique amplification system in that it doesnt come with both the loudspeaker and power stage. This creates room for you to connect different power stages, speakers and screens. In addition to endless possibilities, you are able to achieve a specific type of sound with this amplifier. The only problem is that you have to carry at least three devices.

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