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Lenovo Intel Core i5 3rd Gen PC Desktops & All-In-Ones

Buying Guide for Lenovo Desktop Computer with a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5

Lenovo makes many models of desktop computers that make use of Intels 3rd Generation Core i5 processor. Whether you need another desktop for work or for your home, these computers are able to be used for both productivity and entertainment purposes. You can find the right desktop computer to fit your needs and learn more about it here.

How many generations of Intels Core processors are there?

Intel began its Core series of CPUs with the Nehalem chips in 2008. Since then, they have released a new generation of central CPUs for PCs each year. The third generation was code-named Ivy Bridge. Released in 2012, these processors used a 22 nm manufacturing process, which is the measure of how small the details of the circuitry are. The ninth generation of the Core processors was released in 2017 and is nicknamed Cannon Lake.

What does "i5" mean?

Each generation of the Core processors comes in several performance variants for desktop computers, which are labelled i3, i5, and i7. The i3 processors are intended for desktops that do not need to be high-performance, i7 processors are for computers that will need to maximize performance, and the i5 processors are a middle ground between the two. The i3 processors typically have a small number of cores and run are slower clock speeds, and the i7 processors usually have advanced features like hyperthreading and up to six cores.

What features do Lenovo desktops have?

Lenovo desktop computers all share a number of features that indicate the performance you can expect. These features include:

  • Central processing unit: The Lenovos CPU determines the overall performance it will have, but there is more to comparing CPUs than their clock speeds. If you want to know how fast they are, you can check their benchmark scores.
  • Graphics card: Graphics cards are important if you plan to use a Lenovo desktop computer for 3D graphics, video editing, or high-performance gaming.
  • System memory: Also called RAM, the memory a desktop computer has is measured in gigabytes (GB). The more RAM a desktop has, the better it will be at multitasking and running software that uses large amounts of data.
  • Hard drive: Hard drives today come in a couple varieties. Traditional HDDs offer more storage space, while SSDs are much faster. They make long-term storage of software and data possible.

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