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Lenovo Intel Core i3 4th Gen PC Desktops & All-In-One Computers

Boost Your Productivity and Processing Power with Lenovo i3 Desktop

Desktop computers remain the go-to workhorses for small and large businesses as well as families and individuals. Lenovo desktops offer high processing power for work and play, with Microsoft Windows operating systems like Windows 10 as well.

What do i3-4330 and processing speed mean?

The "i3" refers to an Intel Core processor, and the number beside it indicates its generation. The number "4330" denotes a fourth-generation, dual-core model. Processing speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz) and is the standard measurement used to quantify base frequency or the clocked speed at which the Intel Core i3 performs complex calculations. In theory, a higher base frequency means faster processing. Evolution in efficiency means that even slower models can still perform complex calculations quickly because theyre more efficient.

When should you get a Lenovo with a fast processor?

It depends on what how you will be using your desktop. Generally, you wont even notice much difference in efficiency between less powerful models with a lower gigahertz (GHz) number and stronger processors with a higher GHz number. The differences only become moderately apparent when youre modifying enormous spreadsheet files or tweaking major projects using photo-editing software. If such applications and activities dominate your desktop use, then choose a stronger processor and higher clock speed.

How much storage capacity do you need?

Storage capacity is similar to a library in that it stores information for later use and reference. If youre someone who reads voraciously and tends to keep books for years, you might require more book storage space than someone who doesnt. Its the same with desktop storage capacity. If you tend to download and store media, get the most storage capacity you can. If you download media just to back it up or share it, then delete it, you can get by with little storage capacity in megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB), and terabytes (TB). Available storage capacities range from:

  • Less than 100GB
  • 100 to 499GB
  • 500 to 749GB
  • 750 to 999GB
  • 1 to 2TB
What types of Lenovo desktops are there?

A few to consider are the IdeaCentre, the ThinkCentre, and the H Series. IdeaCentre is Lenovos home-oriented, entertainment desktop. The ThinkCentre is more of a business-oriented, professional desktop. ThinkCentre typically has the pro version of Windows preinstalled. The H Series consists of smaller towers, letting you enjoy the capabilities of a full-size tower while saving space.

What are the advantages of a solid-state drive?

A solid-state drive (SSD) is another form of storage like a hard disk drive (HDD). An SSD has no internal moving parts. This type of drive stores information on microchips. An HDD, which is more traditional, uses a mechanical arm and a read/write head. The head moves around the disk, reading and writing information form specific locations. Since an SSD contains no moving parts, it tends to write and read information quicker than an HDD, but both are still quite fast.

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