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Shine Bright with NEC Projector Lamp Bulbs

As you project your big ideas onto the screen for your team to see, the last thing on your mind is how long the projector bulb will last. With NEC projector lamp bulbs, you can have the correct model on hand when it is time to replace the lamp. When the maximum bulb hours are used, just follow the installation instructions to continue to share your ideas with your NEC projector.

What is the maximum amount of hours for each lamp?

Each model of projector lamp is different and will last a specific amount of time. This information is often listed in the operating instructions for the LCD projector and the lamp. Often, the remaining time for the lamp will be measured by a meter, which can be found through the on-screen menu when the projector is illuminated. For some NEC LCD projectors, an alert will show on the screen if the lamp needs to be replaced.

Can NEC bulbs be used in other LCD projectors?

NEC projector lamps are made specifically for NEC brand LCD projectors. The original instructions for both the projection equipment and the projector lamp will list compatible models.

Are there care instructions for NEC projector lamps?

To avoid harm, injury, or damage to your office audio/visual projection equipment, the following precautions should be taken when storing, replacing, and disposing of the projector lamp:

  • Avoid touching the glass of the lamp with your bare hands. The oils on your fingertips can smudge or damage the bulb.
  • Store replacement projector lamps in a dry place away from heat and moisture.
  • Only install the recommended bulb model as listed on the instructions of your particular NEC LCD projector.
  • Turn off the projector completely while allowing the installed lamp to go through the complete cool-down procedure. Failing to do so may cause damage to the machine and parts.
  • Unplug the NEC projector from the power supply before replacing the lamp. Follow the original operating instructions of the projector to correctly install the replacement lamp.
  • Only remove the replacement lamp from its packaging when it is time to replace the bulb.
  • Because of the type of materials used to make the projector lamp, make sure to dispose of the used lamp in the proper manner. Refer to the instructions for the lamp for proper disposal.
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