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Keep Your LG TV Running With New Main Boards

The main board of an LG TV is designed to control all of its electronic systems, including its video and audio inputs and outputs. When buying parts like these for your television, it is essential to understand the nature of the main board and the various LG types that are on the market. In this way, you can either repair your television or ensure it runs smoothly so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite shows.

What types of TVs use these boards?

Just about every type of television uses boards like these. For example, a plasma TV uses a variety of different electronic items including the main board. They also use power supply types and other critical electronic items to run smoothly. However, LCD and LED televisions also use main boards to manage their digital information. These television types are very similar in their design and differ only in the display. As a result, many LG televisions have compatible models of this part that can be swapped between various TV units.

Why does the model number matter with the main board?

When buying one of these main parts for your LG television, it is essential to take a look at the model number of the unit. These numbers are printed on the side of the unit and indicate when your part was made and what television models can be installed correctly with it. For example, an LG board with the model number "6870T772A11" is compatible only with LCD and LED televisions. Likewise, some model numbers will only work with plasma televisions.

Which other types of boards work with the main board?

While the main element of your television is critical for its operation, there are other parts that help it run. All of these other boards will be controlled by the main unit, meaning that a failure in this part will shut down the rest of them, so it's a good idea to understand these other parts and what they do for your television. They include units that manage your:

  • Power supply: These parts help to sync your television with its power supply and ensure that it gets enough power.
  • Inversion: Used primarily in LCD televisions, these boards are used to mount the LCD backlight.
  • Timing control: Found in LCD and LED televisions, these units take information from the primary unit and control when images are displayed.
  • X-sustain and Y-sustain: Necessary only in plasma televisions, they take information from the primary unit and use it to activate the display lines in the plasma field.
  • Buffer: These units are also only found in plasma televisions. They work with the primary board to turn the output of the device into an actual display. The operation of these units is paired with the x-sustain and y-sustain units.
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