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Kodak Digital Cameras

Kodak produces a variety of cameras designed to meet the needs of both amateur and professional photographers. Unlike a Kodak film-based camera, a digital camera produces instant images that can be displayed on a screen, stored in the camera’s memory, transferred to a computer, printed, or shared online.

What are megapixels and how do they affect photo quality?

Pixels are small digital colored squares that create an image. How many of these squares make up a digital image determines the photo resolution. A megapixel is 1 million pixels, and the more megapixels your image contains, the crisper it will be.

What are some types of refurbished Kodak cameras?
  • Point-and-shoot
  • DSLR
  • Underwater
  • Ultra-compact
  • Instant
What is a Kodak point-and-shoot camera?

A refurbished point-and-shoot camera is one of the easiest Kodak models to operate. They don’t require any special skills to produce quality photos, and their compact size makes them easier to carry. Many refurbished Kodak models offer NFC touch pairing and Wi-Fi capability to transfer camera images to your smartphone or computers for instant sharing and storage.

What is a Kodak DSLR camera?

A Kodak DSLR camera is typically larger, offers more flexibility, and enhanced picture taking. Unlike point-and-shoot Kodak cameras, DSLRs allow you to manually set focus and exposure and use various specialized lenses, making Kodak DSLRs very versatile for both amateur photography enthusiasts and professionals. They offer the ability to take sharper, cleaner, and more dynamic photos, and most offer continuous shooting modes and a rapid camera shutter response time. A Kodak DSLR camera can be a good choice if you take a lot of pictures, enjoy experimenting with photography, and don’t mind a heavier camera and accessory bag to carry extra lenses and accessories.

What is the difference between optical and digital camera zoom?

Optical zoom uses a manually-operated zoom lens to magnify an image. Digital camera zoom uses technology that enlarges each pixel and then fills in the spaces between with appropriate colors. The more you enlarge an image using digital zoom, the more pixelated and distorted the image becomes. An optical zoom lens will generally create clearer and crisper zoomed images than digital zoom technology.

What are some options for zoom capabilities?

Generally, a refurbished Kodak will have at least a 3X zoom capability, which can be efficient for taking everyday shots such as groups of friends on a hike or a child’s recital portrait. For taking pictures of objects that are far away or for landscape images, you will need a lens with more powerful telephoto capacity such as 6X, 10X, 20X, or more.

What basic accessories are available for Kodak digital cameras?

Whether you are buying a new or refurbished Kodak, in order to operate your camera and keep it protected you’ll generally need the following accessories:

  • Camera case
  • USB Interface cable
  • Memory card
  • Battery
  • Charger