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How to Select Kodak Color Photographic Paper

Kodak photo products are designed for many printers that are made by the Kodak brand. These sheets are manufactured in a variety of formats, and each surface provides printing advantages during different design situations. You can find Kodak color photographic paper with enough sheets for a few printing routines or packs with many sheets of paper for large printing projects.

What are the photographic paper options?

Multiple photographic paper products from Kodak are manufactured with different coatings. The main coatings include:

  • Glossy: Glossy sheets are made for prints that will feature traditional images. If you want to print photos with a glossy appearance like traditional black-and-white or color photographs, a glossy product is worth considering. Glossy sheets are shiny before ink is transferred to the material, and the ink enhances the shiny coating after the colors dry. Because glossy sheets have a strategically coated surface, they are shiny. Although this paper has a sheen, the ink doesn't smear easily, as the material is engineered with quick-drying elements. The chemical components in the quick-drying solution help ink dry instantly.
  • Luster: Luster paper from Kodak has elements like glossy photo paper. However, this paper is commonly used during projects that involve color negative film. You can make color prints on luster options when you need something that can provide professional results, as these sheets are in the professional series product line. Because luster is a professional-grade option, you'll have to store the sheets in a cool, windowless environment in order to preserve the materials.
  • Matte: When you need premium-grade products that can enhance digital images, matte options can provide practical results. Matte products generate crisp images because the sheets are optimized for the hardware that powers digital printers. Many luster sheets produce bold images when they're used with optical printers as well.
What are the sheet options?

Glossy, luster, and matte photo products are manufactured in bundles that include 10 sheets for casual printing situations and bundles with up to 200 sheets for major design products. The size of a typical sheet of product will vary, as convenient options are manufactured for printers that can print the most common paper layouts.

What are the photographic paper features?

Besides the quick-drying coating, you'll also find sheets that are cut with a specific thickness level. The thickness varieties give you opportunities to make prints with or without a border.

Many sheets are also designed with Colorlast Technology. This feature keeps inks bold and vibrant after printing procedures are implemented.

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