Capacidade de 8 Gb de Memória Kingston por Módulo


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8 GB RAM to Improve Your Computer's Multitasking Capabilities

As the demand for more computing power grows, so does the development of faster, efficient, and more reliable random access memory (RAM). RAM is the middleman between the processor and the data storage device such as the hard disk. It can temporarily store data in order to relay into the data storage at the appropriate speed to negate any performance bottlenecks between the fast processor and the slower hard disk.

What Types of Kingston RAM Are Available?

  • SO-DIMM: This stands for small outline dual in-line memory module and is the standard size for laptops. These are taller than their desktop counterparts but provide similar speeds and specifications. The HyperX Impact line of premium Kingston RAM has 8 GB DDR3L variants with specs of up to 2,133 MHz and latency of CL11. Some DDR3L CL11 latency RAM sticks can go as low as 1,866 MHz, which can still be a significant upgrade from the stock RAM in many laptops.
  • SDRAM: Synchronous Dynamic RAM fits into the DIMM slots of your desktop computer. Desktop motherboards have longer DIMM slots than laptops, which can accommodate longer modules with lower heights to allow clearance for large processor heat sinks.
  • Generations: While a little behind newer standards, DDR3 and DDR3L RAM is still a viable upgrade for motherboards that take only those respective types of memory. DDR4 is maturing, but the reality is that there are still laptops and desktops that use the previous DDR3 and DDR3L memory, and users can enjoy the potential price drops brought by the introduction of hot new standards in the HyperX line.

How Do I Know Which Type of Ram to Choose?

  • Inspect Motherboard: Look at the motherboard user manual to determine what memory type it accepts. Non-ECC modules are the most common for commercial and enthusiast use because the use case does not call for error-correcting features unlike for computers used in scientific or medical research where there is zero tolerance for data errors. DDR4 is the newer mature type and is available from 2,133 Mhz up to 3,466 MHz speeds in the HyperX Fury line. If you lost the manual, you'll know whether your motherboard supports it if "DDR4" is written beside the DIMM slot.
  • Multi-Module Configurations: To avoid potential problems in systems that use multiple modules, ensure that you buy a pack of the same memory. DDR3, DDR3L, and DDR4 Non-ECC memory modules are often sold in packs of two to four. Ensure that the frequency rating, in MHz, is the same for all the modules you buy.
  • Desktop or Laptop: Laptops take SO-DIMM memory like the HyperX Impact line, while desktop computers take regular DIMM memory. Some desktop memory sticks have especially tall heatsinks, so make sure to read the specifications to know whether you have enough clearance to fit a large heatsink for your CPU.

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