Kingston 2GB PC3-8500 (DDR3-1066) de Memória (RAM)


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Selecting the Right PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 RAM

There are many reasons to expand the storage on your computer, as you could require more memory for installing applications, uploading data or photos, or playing games. Alternatively, you could simply desire a boost in performance, which adding memory is known for. Whatever the reason, there are some things to know before you make a decision about buying DDR3 RAM.

How Do You Choose the Form Factor You Need?

The most important part of purchasing DDR3 SDRAM is making sure that it fits your computer correctly so it can serve its intended purpose. As you browse, you'll notice different form factors since there are three form factors associated with this type of memory.

  • DIMM is meant for desktop computers, so when you have a desktop and require memory, DIMM is the form factor you'll be looking for when shopping for a memory module.
  • When you have a smaller computer like a laptop or notebook, SO-DIMM memory will fit properly.
  • The third form factor is RIMM, which is a form factor made and manufactured by the Kingston brand to be a more compact alternative to DIMM memory. It uses fewer pins as well.

What Other Factors Should You Consider?

There are a few other factors that go into the decision-making process when you are buying PC3-12800 RAM or DDR3-1600 options.

  • You must pick a pin configuration that is compatible with your motherboard so the module fits properly. These range from 200 to 240-pin designs, so double-check the number before you finalize your decision.
  • How many GB do you need, and do you want multiple memory sticks that add up to the total GB you need or just one? They vary from 2 GB to 4 and 8 GB, total or separately.
  • Processing power and memory speed is measured in MHz and affects how fast your system runs. These modules give you 1066 MHz for top performance.

Which Kingston RAM Options Are Available?

You may not feel like an expert in tech, but you should know enough about the brand's available options to choose the right type of RAM for your home or business needs.

  • For a single-module option, check into the KTH-PL310Q/16G model. This memory offers 240 pins and the DIMM form factor for desktops. Additionally, the total capacity of the memory is 16 GB.
  • When you need SO-DIMM RAM, opt for model number KTL-TP1066S/2G memory, which also offers 2 GB along with a bus speed of PC3-8500.
  • As another option, you can choose 8 GB DIMM with the KVR1066D3N7K2/8G module. It also offers 1066 MHz.

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